Ever Worry About Extreme Breast Pain?

It’s not uncommon to get breast pain mid-cycle or during cycle but did you ever get such bad pain that you wondered if there might be a problem? Well, Professor Kefali Mokbel has done another article that really is concise and helps explain the possibilities that are given for the different types.

I post these articles to give you the confidence to know that not all pain is attributed to breast cancer. I also do a lot of reading into people’s articles that are online to see if there is anything of value and I understand that not all women reading my blog have breast cancer and possibly have just found a lump or are having symptoms and wondering about their symptoms and what they might mean.

Please share and like if you found it of value. I am very focused on helping women and empowering women who have gone through breast cancer and this blog is one part of what I do to help survivors. I offer coaching one to one and very unique retreats for groups under 10 women. Please feel free to let me know if you’re interested about any further information. Have a look at this article and see if it fits for you. I would love to have your responses, comments or feedback on this to tell me if you find it useful.



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