Which Side of the Pool Do You Swim In?



I know I have posted about this song before but my favorite all time song is Ain’t Nobody by Rufus & Chaka Khan and every time I hear that song it moves me like a first kiss, first love or even a wedding day. It’s that strong and it’s that ingrained in my soul. I think music is that important to me anyway and without it, well, I am not sure what would become of me but it would not be pretty.


So then I think about it, what is the lesson there? Where do we set our intentions? How do we grow to love or dislike something? It points me to the direction of our childhood and upbringing. So, take for example my love the song, the reason that I love it and music so much is that when I was young, it was my escape. I was able to remove myself from the bad in my childhood and go straight to good and connection and feeling as though I was heard and understood by people like Chaka Khan, James Brown, The Rolling Stones, Diana Ross, George Clinton, and a multitude of others.


Let’s just say for a minute that you didn’t have this type of childhood and your connection might be to reading. Your whole family might have read and you were read to as a child and it holds a real warm and comfortable feeling for you. You might have had a family that was musically inclined and they sang and played piano on weekends and overall you just enjoyed being together as a family. There are many forms that a love for music or the arts comes from and so many ways to tell the story.


What story are you telling to the world? When you speak about things of past what stories are you telling the most? Are you recanting the bad things that happened in your past or are you giving people hope for the positive spin you have been able to make out of it? A lot of our personality comes from the things we experienced in our past and it’s what makes us who we are. The biggest question I ask my clients is, how are you building on that story? Are you letting a negative experience be your excuse for not moving forward? Are you allowing the lesson from that experience help you help others? Is there a motivation to swim in the negativity of that past? I will say that I am motivated to push my clients to go in the positive end of the pool because swimming in the negativity can only mean we will drown out our relationships, professional progression and our overall experience with future endeavours. So let me guide you into the positive end of the pool and let’s swim. Let’s play water polo, water volleyball, synchronised swimming and just have fun!


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Photo by Ajari on Photostream ‘Swimming Pool_006’ in it’s original form.