Music Makes Me Feel……


Have you ever listened to a song and it just makes you feel awesome? I mean, when you hear the first notes played you just jump out of a bad mood and really get groovy in your spot? I have a few songs like that and the one that has consistently been that song since it came out is ‘Ain’t Nobody’ by Rufus & Chaka Khan. I mean that song is totally ‘the one’ for me.

It brought me to think about the things that move us. I mean REALLY move us. Do you have something that no matter what mood you’re in it can snap you out of it? Perhaps, not a song but a clip from a movie or a saying that someone special used to say to you? Maybe even a sound that a child used to make or even an adult but it has stuck in your mind as a soothing sound.

Having a ‘go to’ thing is what I am getting at with this input. So many of us have good knowledge of the things that make us tick and really having on hand that little thing that snaps you out of a mood is something to think about. I have my song on my laptop, my ipod and my phone so that I can tap into it whenever I am in a bad mood or feeling stressed. It allows me to have an escape plan for those times.

In past years, when I was younger and not so connected with my self I had no outlet, I really just allowed the bad mood or stress drive me and it never worked out well. I started meditating and doing a regular fitness regimen and found that there was no replacing these things until I connected with my ‘de-stress-go-to-box’. It’s a note on my phone & iPod that reminds me of the songs to play or the meditation to do that will remove this energy from my mind quickly.

I really notice the difference in the last few years since coming up with this de-stress plan. This can even include songs that are empowering, like a song that makes you feel powerful in a time when you aren’t feeling so empowered. I have some righteous songs too. I have some that connect me with my nationality, and I don’t mean songs that are patriotic but more like songs that allow me to connect with that ‘hometown’ feeling. They might not even make sense listening to them that they would do that but it’s OK whatever songs connect you to an energy that you want to tap into, THAT is the key.

This is a small tip, especially for my invisible survivors, but can be quite empowering for everyone. I hope it helps in some way for you to reconnect with the positive energy for you to ignite the sparkle within. Because we all have the fundamental right to sparkle! Have a great day and add your comments, even the songs you like and that inspire wonderful things.