5 Habits That Are Keeping Your Business A Secret


1. Hiding from opportunities (You might not even be hearing the opportunities that are presenting themselves to you)

You get that phone call from your friend saying she has an extra ticket to this ‘thing’ and she really thinks it would be right for you because of the ‘type’ of people that are going to be there. She ‘gets’ your business and your message and what you are offering, if anyone knows who you need to meet it’s her. You decide you are put off by the weather outside and a little tired and you pass on the offer. She calls you the next day to report how it would have been a great opportunity for you because there were 3 people that were your ideal client in the mix.

When a friend or business connection tells you ‘you should be there’ don’t run away! Run as fast as you can to fit that in! I can’t tell you how many times I have heard the words ‘if only I had her/his luck’ It’s about seizing the opportunities so don’t put off a social engagement to practice telling people what your thing is.

Get out there and be in the race for your success!

2. Believing the naysayers (Dump the toxic people, including your toxic inner voice)

Yup, been there done that! I have had so many people who could not believe I was trading my highly skilled job in aviation to (what were their words?) ‘Go save the world’. Those people didn’t GET what I was doing. Funny thing is, now, when I meet up with them they wonder who I am because I have defined my role and owned my gift to the point where it is effortless and I am not trying to convince anyone that I can do it, I know I can.

If you have someone in your life that is bringing you down about your business, and they are, either, your partner or your family stop them and ask them to be kind and know that you just want their support and will not listen to the negative press. Tell them you want a cheerleader not a wet rag. I know that is harsh but hey, you gotta tell them! If it’s a casual friend then slowly remove yourself from their life.

3. Ignoring your bad habits (Are you guilty of surfing the time away?)

OK, I know this will get me a lot of grief but it must be said, Facebook is a time sucker!!!! You must know what I mean, get on to check real quick and see if anyone has messaged you and then 2 hours goes by and you’ve missed your deadline. You find out that you missed an appointment that you meant to make etc. etc. etc.

Schedule your time with social media. If you find that you are wasting time with that stuff then start scheduling your posts through something like HootSuite.

It has to be done, you know that it is another excuse to procrastinate and you really don’t need to waste your creative flow on those areas. Get out of your own way and make it happen.

4. Jealousy of the success of others (even though they don’t even do what you do!)

It happens to the best of us, we look and see someone doing really well and we wonder how the heck they got there! Well, the difference between you and them, they didn’t compare themselves to others, they just moved along in their path. So this is the time to say it, NO ONE can deliver YOUR business only YOU can. So keep away from the jealousy mode and know that you are your business. If someone is doing the ‘same thing’ they don’t, if you think there is another person copying you, remember it’s the best form of flattery. Remember that your success doesn’t come from being jealous of others it comes from you doing your thing, so get to it! Go do it! Shine beautiful human, shine!

5. Not moving out of your own way! (Time to step off your path and walk on)

I was guilty of it too. I chose to sit on the couch with my boy and watch t.v. because it was me doing ‘family time’. I was having family time every day! Who was I kidding? I was wasting my most productive time when I could have been doing some work, I was standing in my own way of success.

You see I made a promise to myself that it was action time. Time to get moving on this awesome business and when I made that choice I started making better choices on time management. You have to schedule in the time because starting out on your business is hard work.

We all have heard the saying, when you go into business for yourself your boss can be the biggest roadblock to your success depending on how they work you! So make the choice to be the best boss you ever had and tell everyone about your business. Write constructive posts that point people towards you being the leading expert in your field. Put it out there and watch the people start running to you for your unique offering. Let your inner sparkle shine!

Lisa Pattenden

Managing Director & Owner at My Absolute Image

I coach women who are survivors of breast cancer to connect with their confidence and connect with the world again.I specialise in working with the invisible survivor, the one that has disconnected with the world and doesn’t feel quite the same about life as before treatment started. I help the invisible survivor shine and sparkle again.



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