Attachment Types, What Is It All About?

My Professional shot

I just finished reading an article, in the Daily Mail, based on Attached by Amir Levene and Rachel Heller and I am really seeing a lot of information about the types of attachments people hold in relationships.

So there are three types: Secure, Avoider, and Anxious. I looked through the meanings of each type and find I would be classed as a Secure attachment person but I realize that it hasn’t always been that way for me. I remember a time when I was quite the anxious one. I wonder how much this attachment pattern can fluctuate over a life time and how it applies from each generation of ‘coming of age’ flows.

I realize that with age has come my relaxation mode. I have been a lot less stressed out about the little things, realizing of course, that they are all little things. I wonder how many avoiders and anxious ones are out there constantly struggling in a relationship. The article seems to point out some interesting things but it also fails to point out the few things that I have brought up, is there room for one to change? Do we always fit into the category chosen or can someone just ‘grow out of’ a type?

I think that if the world was full of avoiders and anxious ones then would we not be filled with a really difficult society? I mean more difficult than it is already? I am not sure what to think about the excerpt given in this article. I find that perhaps it will speak loudly to those that want validity in their behaviour in relationships but I’m not so sure that it resonates with what I have witnessed in relationships and the strength that I have seen. Maybe there should be a few more types added? Or this excerpt has not touched on all of them? I just find it hard to believe that in all the research there was only three types found to be true for relationships.

Have a look at the article and let me know what you think. As always, feel free to comment below or post questions if you have them. Go out there and be awesome!



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