Instead of Resolutions, I Create A Theme for Each New Year


So, I was walking along the Southbank in London and an ITV reporter came up to me to ask what my New Years Resolution was for 2014. I told her that I don’t make resolutions because I find that I tend to beat myself up for not achieving them so instead I create a theme for the year.

Last year was my year of awesome and I had no idea what it would turn into but wow, what a year it was! I definitely found so much awesome that I had no idea what I had put up for myself. How was I to know that I would not only find so many awesome things to do but I was able to really connect with what made me feel awesome and how to portray that inner awesome out to others I meet. I was asked, time and time again, by people who would meet me for an appointment ‘how will I know which one you are?’ Every time I was asked this I responded with, ‘look for the lady with a sparkly smile.’ I was always found.

In 2013, I was able to create a feeling within that can only be described as finding my inner awesome which then had a symptom of sparkling. So, the question then asked is, how do I top last years theme? Well, now that I have found my inner awesome and have managed to sparkle my way to have a very successful coaching business I found myself thinking, I need to get moving and be in action to really top last year. So after a bit of thinking and word relation on my big pad of paper, I came up with the theme of Action, the Just DO IT year! No more thinking about and discussing but just getting out there and doing what I do best, help women be seen and heard and to step out and be the awesome I know they can be.

People always say to me that I have a very welcoming smile and I feel that is my entry point, my way to get connected to the women that I help. If I can break down the barriers with just a smile then I am definitely feeling good about my actions. So, the just do it year is going to be all about action and getting things done and making this the best year ever. What type of year do you have planned ahead? Did you make a resolution? Create a dream board? Perhaps you were cautious because of the implications when you don’t carry through? Why not create a theme for the year and stick to that? I found it quite easy. If you have any questions, feel free to comment in the comments below. As always, have a wonderful day and go out there and be awesome!


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