Confidence When Travelling


Yeah, I know, where did that subject come from? Well, in my past life I was an aviation engineer and I did a lot of traveling, I mean a lot! I put in 150,000 flying miles on my frequent flyer account in 16 months time. So, I thought it was sensible for me to post a little tip to give you some confidence when flying.

Now, a low of people share horror stories about their trips but the little things that make life easy and great on a trip are the few and far between stories you hear. So, I thought I would share with you a few things that I do to make my trip easier as well as the an easy transition when you arrive to your destination, in case anything goes wrong. I have back up plans for everything and it’s so automatic that I don’t even realise I do it until someone points it out.

So, here goes, when you are packing and you want to have the right stuff in case your luggage gets lost (I am of the mindset that if I am prepared for it to be lost, it won’t get lost) so no need to panic just go with me on this one. Get a large ziploc (freezer bag size) and put a pair of underwear, a travel size deodorant, a travel toothbrush and travel toothpaste. Carry that in your carry on bag. Of course those are the basic things, if you need to have other things in case of loss of luggage by all means make sure you put them in your carry on. I also can’t rave enough about this great little thing I got in Heathrow Airport Duty Free. It’s a small travel size container which you can put your perfume/cologne in. Now, if you don’t have a spray bottle of the scent of choice it might not work so well but here it is:

This little piece of magic is responsible for saving me so much money in perfume being bought when security made me chuck it in the rubbish bin and boy did I cry like a baby! Get one and fill it with your favourite scent. Let’s talk electricity! I have many gadgets that I ALWAYS take with me on trips and it is just set up in my bag at all times so I never even think about it until someone on my business trip points out how handy I am to have these little things. I’ll list them below:

  1. Plug converter for EU/UK/USA depending where you are travelling too. The large universal ones are fine but I will say, in the EU, if you have one, it is difficult to plug into a lot of the hotel outlets due to the volume of stuff they have plugged in as well.
  2. A USB car lighter charger, so this is just a car lighter input that has a USB port on it and allows you to charge your gadget in your car. This is really handy if you forget your other charging plug.
  3. Always pack a packet of your normal meds. For example, I always have ibuprofen and my migraine meds in case there is a chance that I have issues, I don’t have to translate medicines at the pharmacy!
  4. Take Nu’un with you, you may never have heard of it but it has blessed me with avoiding sickness at all cost! This stuff is an electrolyte replenesher that runners use after marathons. It has all the vitamins one needs to ‘re-charge’. So what does that mean for you? It means that if you add this little fizzy tablet to your bottle of water and drink it, you can charge your body up with the strength to avoid sickness that might be traveling with you enroute. I take one every day for avoidance of becoming sick and for energy. I was also told by a hungover colleague that it was amazing for hangovers! So look Nu’un up on Amazon and order some, they come in all flavours and I never leave home without them.
  5. Sunglasses, you know, it may not be winter where you’re going or it may rain a lot where you live but may be sunny most days where you are going. I can’t tell you enough how many people say, ‘damn I forgot my sunglasses and its really bright here!’ Just pack away a cheap pair and have them on stand-by, just in case!
  6. travel size hair dryer (if applicable) hotels usually have them but I have come across times where I was staying with friends and there is no hair dryer. So be warned 😉
  7. Pack travel size toiletries in your carry on, I can’t impress this enough, you might find you have to go without if you don’t have something to hold you over.
  8. Pack by days, map out the outfits you plan to wear and look at what you have laid out. Lots of times we, as women, tend to over pack. Well, think about ways you can optimise outfits by interchanging tops and bottoms. This can downsize the amount of items you are packing a lot.
  9. If you have books to read, consider loading the app Kindle for your phone. I can’t tell you how back breaking it is to have to carry all these gadgets when you are on the run. If you have a light load then pack your Kindle but if it’s feeling a bit over the top, download the app and load the books you want to read on it.
  10. Bring a pen and a small notebook to write, if you find you get bored sitting around it’s helpful to have something to jot notes in and to have the ability to journal your adventures in too! Nothing big, something that will fit in your pocket.

If I were to tell you about the tricks I use to be comfortable in an airport you might thank me for the inside information. There are certain airports that I have a lot of knowledge on but I won’t detail that here. I will just say, look at your app search on your phone and look for airport lounges. Find a free app, one I use Priority Pass as one, and download it. Look for your airport and find the lounges that are in them. If you go to them and they are a part of the airline you are flying there is most likely a way you can get in, use a great smile, repoire and be confident you will be able to walk right in.

I have bought memberships but at a really low cost and now that I have a lot of flyer miles I am able to go in free. There is tons of food, free wifi and entertainment at most of these lounges. So get out there and spread your wings! I hope this little bit of information has helped and that it hasn’t detracted too much from my normal topic. I walk confidently through the airports when I travel because I know I am prepared, make sure you are walking tall as well. Do you have any tips? How about telling us about them in the comments below? Go out there and be awesome!


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