Where Are All The Survivors?



I am originally from the U.S. and have been living in the UK now for 6 years. I absolutely love it here and am in awe of the many things that I see as I walk around good old London each day. I help survivors when they are done with the medical journey to transition into that next chapter in their lives after mastectomy.

Interestingly enough, the survivor community is a lot more private here than in the US. I find the search to speak at these groups and get the word out is almost like a best kept secret. Is it really of benefit to survivors not to have a voice? Is it not giving them more of a feeling of being the ‘invisible survivor’ not having a voice to their concerns after treatment has stopped?

I hear you out there and I understand the many concerns that are going on inside your head. One thing I get, very deeply, is the many things that are not addressed and are only assumed in the healthcare system. You need a place to feel heard and to be seen as you, scars and all. I realise that I may limit myself by not searching more strenuously for the silent survivor. I am interested in helping you, in giving you a voice and allowing you to feel congruent with the incongruency you may be feeling after this big change in your life.

Many women decide that their life is not the same and they want to release the life they had before and no one is there to tell you that it is ok. Well, I am here to tell you it is perfectly normal! We love you and we love that you are getting in tune with what makes you feel alive. Trust in the knowledge that you are awesome and I am here for you. I love my clients and I am so excited to help you find that connection. If you are not sure about the next step, the path forward, get in touch with me and let me know. I am happy to help. Remember, you are beautiful!




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