The Value of A Good Friend

So I had an interesting experience yesterday. I reached out to a friend who I knew had been through a similar thing and thought she might have an outside view or ask me the right questions to help me figure out what direction I would go.

Keeping in mind this was about personal stuff and I only trust a few people with that information. The phone call was not answered so I text her. No response but then I checked my Facebook and there was an email from her saying if you want to book some time with me please refer to this (a link was inserted) to book a time with me.

I wasn’t sure that she understood it wasn’t for me to run business ideas with her it was for girlfriend talk. So I replied with ‘even for girlfriend talk?’
Her response, yes.

Now she had time to continue to write me messages trying to dig herself out of this hole but the damage was done and so was I. I am a good friend and I value the commitments I make to my friends. I find it very discerning when someone has decided that they will draw a line and only deal with you on a business level.

My heart broke a little but I imagine its a part of growing when you realise the level of friendships you want and the ones you actually get. These things are important and it helps us grow. So focus on what it teaches and it’s so much easier than going over and over the thing that hurt the most. Lesson learned, moving along now and happy to smile and brush myself off.

Go out and have a great day because its so much easier to smile than to frown 😉



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