Pretension pros and cons

So I’ve been giving a lot if thought to some of the people that are in my circles of friends and have come to the realisation that there is a lot of them that have a big of snobbery going on.
So this comes up a lot lately due to a couple of reasons.

1. I work with survivors and it is not the type of work that can be done in a heart centred way if I was being pretentious.
2. You really need to line up your whole life with what your core message because if you’re working in a business where you help people but don’t carry that over into your personal life you’re not being congruent with your message.

I have a couple of people in mind as I write this and they have businesses that help women but they are on Facebook posting things to other women that put across a totally different message.
I find it interesting that two of these women have decided to do a joint venture in business and can’t understand why they aren’t getting the customers they swear they are serving. Their message is mixed and convoluted which creates confusion in their marketing.

I wholeheartedly love my survivors and live and breath my message because it lines up with who I am and what I live to do. I dance on the train platforms, in my seat and bop my head around in rush hour on the Tube when I have a crazy awesome song playing in my ear.

This should be the case with anyone you work with. If you have a gut feeling that the person you have chosen to work with isn’t right for you, dig deeper and make sure. It is soooo important to have people around you that empower you and feed your inner awesome. Don’t give energy to people that don’t serve you.

This marks the end of my dissertation. Back to the music of many inspiring singers that bring me into my train riding groove 😉

Go out there and be the inner awesome outwardly! Love you all!


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