Sorry I Have Been Missing

So today I am headed to Wales, in particular to an area called the Rondaa (spelling?) and it’s pretty exciting to be travelling but the downside is the colleague I am travelling with is not a fan of radio and is rumoured to be a conspiracy theorist. So the three hour drive I am looking at (one way) is perhaps not going to be as exciting as it could be.

I have taken precautions, charge up the Kindle, iPod, Note, and the add on charger for my phone. I hope I don’t have to wear tin foil on my head too!
A part of me wants to look up some ‘conspiracy theories’ and perhaps give the trip a bit of excitement by making him think I am one of ‘them’ but then, I’m not driving so maybe that’s a bad idea 😉

I’ve got my migraine meds just in case. The one thing I am missing is some snacks. :-/ that might prevent me from being able to keep quiet. 😉 well, all I can say is, let the journey begin in t-minus 30 minutes.
Wish me luck! 🙂


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