I Wonder If……

Do you ever wonder if things were mapped out for you? You know, like is the theory that we come into this life with a certain contract true so it’s all happening the way we traced it out before we even were born? My husband would say bollocks to this theory but then, he believes in nothing. Yeah, not even ghosts. 😉

So I often wonder if the theory was true then is it the outcome we are in contract for or is the whole thing carefully planned and plotted? Or is it like one of those mystery shows where the ending or the murderer can change given one thing is switched around? It is a perplexing thing and one that I really don’t have time to ponder too much on.

I speak about this because I have found that a lot of the studies are showing that the many things that create a fertile environment for breast cancer are the things around us, environment, diet, habits and more. So, given the right situation we are fertilising ourselves for further trouble. I guess I can see it really, my mother found herself clear of the cancer and went right back to drinking. When I say drinking, I don’t mean the occasional drink here and there, I mean some serious pounding of alcohol. She was a vodka drinker and for a long time in my young adult years I was adverse to drinking water because she drank it with very little water in it and when I was thirsty and would grab for her water glass I got the rude awakening that this clear fluid in her glass was NOT water! It was a very bad experience for me. I now love water so I got over it but what a way to find out the big ‘secret’ in our house.

I was sad when she went back to the bottle because it was a bit of a hit to me as I thought we had worked on a lot of her self-esteem issues. The thing is, if you have a very deep-seeded confidence issue it isn’t something that a 5 day intervention with your wardrobe and daughter’s NLP exercises can really remove. The professionals really needed to be involved. Meaning the detox from that stuff. Or perhaps a moment in a room with Tony Robbins would have done her some good. Either way, it got into her bones and liver. No, I wasn’t surprised about the liver part, after all it was a long time she drank like that and I suppose it meant that she was living in a different reality than I really knew.

So, the point of my writing this time around is that, no matter what people are going through, there is a deeper part of it that we have to connect with in order to remove the ‘stinking thinking’ as I call it. There is a process and it really needs to be followed through as well as experienced on a regular basis for it to really stick. Sometimes it takes less time with different types of people. All depends on which level you are at. I am really invested in my clients to take them to the level of healing that they can be in and to metamorphosis into amazing women. Breast cancer takes its toll on your body and mind, my interest is to help you find the clarity through the fog. Let’s do this thing called awesome, together! 🙂


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