Como Say What?

Yeah, I did it, I went and ruined some Spanish words but it makes a point and it also is so like me to say stuff like that. I tend to say it when I am like wtf? and huh? at the same time. Does that even make sense? Well, it seems to for me.

Sometimes, when I listen to a client’s issues after having gone through such an extraordinary thing as having a double mastectomy, I say como say what? Not because I don’t understand the things they are going through but because I can’t believe people actually said the shit they said to them when they did!

OK, backtracking here….what the heck are you talking about Lisa? Like, for instance, the lady who was told that she just doesn’t understand what her husband is going through in this journey of surviving breast cancer. That is where ‘como say what?’ comes in. I mean, do people really hear themselves when they say this shit? If a man has testicular cancer is it right to say to him ‘hey, I know you have just lost one of your testicles but you gotta think of how your wife feels.’ Really? Would you say that? I think not!

So, this is just my two cents on the really swell person who said that to our survivor and actually didn’t think about it. Honestly, let’s have a heart and realise that the things a woman goes thru while surviving breast cancer are far deeper than you could ever imagine and the fact that they are here another day, smiling and dealing with life means they are winning with grace! Let them have some peace and not harass them by telling them something like ‘but just think what the other person is going through!’ I will shake my head if I hear that ever being said to someone in the clinic when I am there.
I am thinking of you my survivor friends, because you are awesome and winning with grace!


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