Ever Have One Of Those Days?

Beautiful Chaos


Of course you have, what am I saying? I was up in Scotland today doing some work for that other j-o-b and it seemed to start out well. It started snowing when I got off the plane, I like snow. It’s what I do, i bring snow everywhere I go. So, I picked up my car from the car hire place. I had a lovely pregnant lady behind the counter that helped me. She was very friendly and I always like that.

I went the 34 miles away that I had to go to work, did my work and was done in about 3 hours time. It was all pretty cut and dry. I got back towards the airport and stopped at the petrol station. The car was a diesel and it barely moved on the gage but I know how that goes, you turn the ignition off and boom, it’s dropped. I don’t trust that stuff when it’s on my dime. So, I topped the tank off, meanwhile getting diesel all over my hands…..someone left it a mess and yuck, I hate that smell!

So, I got on the road and to the airport. I pull in to the car hire lot and the bloke who was checking in cars looks at me, jumps in a car and drives off. Strike 1. I walked in the little hut to see about getting a check out of the car and there are 3 people in there. Guy comes out, (it’s still snowing out) walks around the vehicle, notes the mileage and fuel then asks if I topped off the fuel. I said yes, he asked for the receipt. I handed him the receipt and he said I needed the itemised receipt. This receipt was all I got from the place down the street. The guy managed to tell me that he was going to have to charge me a fuel charge. I was confused, full tank, reads full, fuel receipt what gives? I asked when inside, what is the problem, the gage says full and I have a receipt. He starts raising his voice and saying its not a proper receipt and that he will have to find out how much petrol will go in the car before he can charge me for fuelling the car! At this point I am angry. I asked what was the point in having the receipt if they were not going to accept it. He and a colleague state it has to be an itemised receipt and then go on to point it out in my paperwork when I got the car, where it says receipt, not itemised receipt. At this point I am checking on my smartphone the mileage the particular car I hired gets. Turns out it gets 65.7 mpg. So, I went 60 miles and somehow the 4 litres of petrol that I purchased was not enough for him. I asked for an itemised receipt. He said he had to wait til his mate got back to say how much he put in the car.

His mate said he put 4 litres in the car. I smell a rat at this point. The gage was pegged past Full! So, the guy could not produce a receipt. I asked for his name (Malcolm) and he pointed me towards the check out  desks to get my receipt. Well, the lovely lady from when I picked up the car was, as it turns out, the manager on duty. I explained her the start of my story and before I even finished she was deleting the charge on my card. She apologised for the way it was handled and was going to go have a word with all of the lot working the check-in.

See, here is what was the worst, it was HOW he dealt with it. I was treated as though I had tried to steal from them and it was out of order. I felt bullied and ganged up on because even after I was trying to figure out how to remedy this he was getting his colleagues in on the discussion by having them agree with him. It was like a mob mindset! This is not how a company should be represented and it was bang out of order. I hope none of you has to go through this when dealing with a business.

I was looking up photos that depict ‘chaos’ and the picture above is what came out! I was mesmerised! It’s beautiful, so it seems that chaos can be beautiful and I can calm down and be tranquil before my flight. I hope all are having a great day!




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