Exercise after Breast Cancer Surgery

Some great information can be e-mailed to you from this wonderful lady. See the attached article I got from Linkedin about it:

One of the problems that many breast cancer survivors have complained about is not enough information on the importance of exercise prior to and after rehab, if rehab is even offered. Exercise is one of the key components that is often overlooked. Aaron Dalton published an article on the benefits of exercise for breast cancer patients before, during and after, Oncology Times, 2005. More up to date articles are available in the archived sections of Oncology Times. For those of you who are interested in learning more about the benefits of exercising without damaging delicate tissues and muscles please send your request to info@dlcdinc.com. We’ll be glad to forward you links to various articles on exercise benefits for breast cancer patients. And by all means share this information with your Oncologist.

They are located in the United States in Maryland and the posting can be found from this original location: http://www.linkedin.com/groups/Exercise-Recovery-breast-cancer-survivors-105328%2ES%2E219063559?view=&gid=105328&type=member&item=219063559&trk=eml-anet_dig-b_nd-pst_ttle-cn


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