I Don’t Want To Be Told I am In A Mood

So, ladies, I am sure you can relate, you wake up and most of the things your partner has done to work up to that waking up (usually nothing but sometimes just the right words contribute) says that you’re in a bit of a mood. I guess it’s not fun because I try to come to grips with where the mood is coming from (no, not PMS but more likely PostMS) and just when you are trying to work it out, he says ‘You’re in a right mood.’

Yeah, the tears start pouring out and I am in this fit of emotions that I just can’t get a grip on. Worse though, he is off to go have lunch with his mates and thinks it’s because of that. it is so frustrating. Then of course, as men do, they say and do all the wrong things to make it even worse because at this point it’s out of control. I just shake my head realising that most of my being upset is a direct indication of me holding in everything in the last 30 days and just not dealing with it.

So here’s my point, when we hold it in and don’t deal with the issues that are deeply affecting us, we fall into this trap of a monthly outburst. I am not by any means saying this in terms of pointing a finger because certainly, I am guilty of it all too often! The thing is, if we consistently take care of ourselves through exercise, meditation and good diet, we can see a huge difference in this monthly (I’ll say that because for some it is different than when we get our cycle) emotional outburst.

Not all things in our lives can be 100% happy and I am not going to lie, this can certainly be taxing on our emotions. It is how we build up our bodies to these events that will help us move through them with much more ease. I have gotten into this thing called Qi Gong and I have to say it really is amazing stuff. It’s like harnessing our own energy and giving us a boost in all aspects of our body.

So, start today with a simple thing, perhaps a small step towards giving yourself a much needed bit of relief. Here’s what I mean, having a bad day? Leave work a little early and book yourself in for a pedicure or manicure to give yourself some ‘me’ time. If that doesn’t suit you, how about booking in a massage? Or if you are a bit more active, go for a run or take an aerobics class, or better yet Zumba! Get yourself out and about and doing something for you. I don’t mean go and have a pint or a glass of wine because that isn’t really going along the lines of my message here. We tend to do that more regularly and it isn’t necessarily the way to give yourself a bit of refresh and restart.

If you want to know more about Qi Gong, you can have a look on YouTube and certainly find some videos on basic ways to do it, and you can do it in your home, by your desk or in the toilet for a quick recharge! Here’s the one that I use: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-jSBBwr8Ko


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